About Us

Team PomPom

I’m Michelle and along with my good friend Jess we created PomPom as we felt there was a gap in the ‘what’s on for kids’ market.

As a new mum moving to Jersey when my baby was six months old it was really important for me to integrate myself into the community and know where to go to find other mums and children of a similar age. I basically attended every mum and baby group I could find using Google and through this I was fortunate to meet a lovely group of friends at a morning playgroup.

However I was often asking my new mum friends what to do and where to go with my child and found they didn’t always know what to do either. I discovered that there was no single point of reference for what was on for children. I often found myself driving along seeing posters advertising events that I’d not heard of before, texting my friends to ask them if they were going and finding out they didn’t know about them either.

Between poster adverts, the radio, the Jersey Evening Post and a couple of facebook pages I learned where to go and what to do, albeit slowly. Even as recently as last week I find I am still astonished to learn there is a parish fete being held complete with bouncy castle, soft play and the works, that I had no idea was on.

What became obvious is that Jersey has LOADS going on, but it doesn’t have a connected way of sharing that information to families.

One of the most frustrating things can be keeping a small person entertained when it’s raining and knowing where to go and what to do to burn off some of their energy!   After a few glasses of wine and sharing my story at not knowing what was on and constantly ‘missing out’ on events, my friend Jess who was born here, admitted she was in the same boat. We both shared our frustration and so the idea of creating a platform to fill this gap was born!


I’m Jess and with my good friend Michelle, we have created PomPom.

As a mum I have learnt myself and observed through others that if your children are happy and having fun then you are too. At home, I see the value of letting my children have time to just ‘play’. Equally, I know the benefit for us as a family in getting the kids out and exploring Jersey. PomPom will encourage you all to do things you never realised were on offer. One should never think they have seen all there is to see in Jersey. Even though I was born in Jersey, I feel I am still discovering Jersey all the time.

Seeing Jersey through the eyes of children, brings a whole new perspective to our beautiful island. Whilst discovering more of Jersey with my family, I have met lots of great people and made some incredible friends. As a mum living in Jersey, I absolutely love sharing local knowledge with those who are new to the island and looking for recommendations. PomPom can reach out to people new to the island in this way.

I feel extremely proud of Jersey and I believe the island is extremely vibrant, buzzing with ideas and full of people wanting to help enrich island life as much as possible. Jersey now needs a central directory to list and promote all these family friendly experiences on offer. People will appreciate the time saved in having everything in one place that people can quickly refer to on the go.

Both Michelle and I believe that PomPom will become a friend to a lot of people living or visiting Jersey. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a tourist or a young person yourself looking for what’s on, PomPom will connect people and celebrate Jersey life.


If you know of any event, no matter how small, and we don’t have it listed, please please please let us know. Our aim is to keep you updated and in order to do this we need to know about all events before they happen so that we can share them with everyone.